90 Day Fiance: Whose Side Are You On?

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera are constantly arguing on 90 Day Fiance. Usually, I pour myself a cup of tea and enjoy the show, but it’s getting harder and harder to watch the North Carolinian and the modelesque Mexican fight.


I usually watch these type of shows to simply be entertained, not necessarily to feel emotionally involved in the people. With that said, I’m having a really difficult time watching Fernanda seeing her fantasy life and marriage get shattered by her fiance, Johnathan, over and over again.


Maybe it’s because she’s super young (she was 19 during filming) and she is away from her family and friends, but seeing Fernanda unhappy truly hurts my heart. Johnathan is 32 years old, has a career, friends and a life in North Carolina which lends to him being in a much different place than Fernanda.

Fernanda has shown concern for a quality in Johnathan that may be a deal breaker for her, as it should be. He doesn’t have a good relationship with his mom. In fact, the mother and son spend long periods of time without talking, when they do talk, they fight, and Fernanda doesn’t approve. She thinks the way a son treats his mother is a clear indicator of how he will later treat his wife. If that’s the case, things aren’t looking good for the gorgeous gal. (I’d have to agree with her!)

Johnathan is having a hard time shaking his single lifestyle and wants his social activities to remain consistent to life PF (pre-Fernanda). The only difference is that he now wants to come home to a kind, sweet, did I mention knockout of a young woman who is eager to please him.

To me, Jonathan is an obvious villain. Fernanda is being extremely clear with her emotional needs. Her fiance can’t seem to respect them, or even try to meet her halfway. I can’t believe how many people disagree with me…

For those of you with me on Team Fernanda, we are not alone. Fernanda’s kind soul is seen by more than just us. That’s refreshing.

I’m glad I’m not the only one taking into account that Fernanda is so young…

Then, there’s always that person who just can’t choose a side.

What’s your stance on this relationship status? Drop Team Fernanda or Team Johnathan off for me in the comment section along with your reason why!