90 Day Fiance: The Not-So-Friendly Repairman

Here's what happens when an air conditioning repair man gets heated....

December 10, 2018 7:42am

I. Am. Triggered.

It all began with Colt Johnson throwing a ‘friendly’ barbeque to bring Larissa Dos Santos Lima closer to his cousin John and his family. Us 90 Day Fiance fans can’t believe how heated it got between Larissa and air conditioning repair man, John.


John and his family arrived at Casa Coltee and the father of three was visibly heated. He refused to greet Larissa when he saw her. Not cool. Tensions escalated quickly as Coltee’s Cousin John completely demeaned the Brazilian beauty as Colt remained quiet. I bet John wouldn’t want someone talking to his wife or children the way he spoke to Larissa. Shame on him. Some of John’s accusations were downright ridiculous!

Guess who didn’t sit quietly? Larissa. She stood up for herself, since her fiance didn’t, and the off-duty Friendly’s A/C employee overheated. John called Larissa a b*tch…in her own house. Not ok.

Debbie had the good sense to remove the young children from the site of the argument, but John still couldn’t manage to control himself and continued attacking a woman in front of his wife and children. Eeeeeehhhhh.

It’s not looking good for John’s future with Friendly’s based on these posts…

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I have to ask if John works in the air conditioning repair business, why does his cousin and aunt’s car not have a working air conditioning?

Do you think John’s employment may be in jeopardy? Break it down for me in the comment section below.


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