90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Claps Back

Leida says 90 Day Fiance dehumanized her.

December 1, 2018 8:42am

Leida Margaretha is not happy, and us 90 Day Fiance fans know she is eager to say why. (No, it’s not because of her fiance, Eric Rosenbrook‘s, lack of ‘proper’ laundry folding and car loading technique, this time at least!)

Leida is blaming the 90 Day Fiance’s massive editing for making her and Eric look so bad. She says that people have been triggered by the editing and have started bullying her.

I’m calling it out…Leida tried to kick Tasha, Eric’s 19 year old young daughter, out without having another place to go. Yes, you read that right… she would make a young woman (who pays rent, for the record) homeless just so she would have more living space. Ick!

In Leida’s defense (ugh, I hate trying to be a good person), her fiance wasn’t completely honest with her in regards to his lifestyle. She did not expect his apartment to be so small and dirty. It was definitely an unpleasant change from her family’s lavish Indonesian home.

Eric left a lot of important information out when he told Leida what to expect when she made it to his home. So, I can understand her frustration, since she moved herself and her son across the world for this man. But does this warrant Leida treating tail-wearing-Tasha so poorly? Under all circumstances, NO.

Based on Leida’s actions, these reactions are pretty funny, to my dark soul at least…

Do you think editing has been unfair to Leida and Eric? Spill your tea below.


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