90 Day Fiance: Crazy Rich Asian

Is Leida lying about her family's lavish lifestyle?

December 10, 2018 8:06am

Is there anything more delightful than a Sunday afternoon conspiracy theory?

Well, I’m going to spill my tea on why I don’t believe Leida Margaretha‘s family is as wealthy as she claims.

Leida has proven to be selfish, immature, entitled… you get it. With all of the demands she has put on everyone in her life, I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that she would live in the conditions Eric is providing for her without asking her parents for financial help. This is why I think Leida is deceiving Eric and all of us 90 Day Fiance fans about her family’s lifestyle.

Exhibit A- An Air Mattress and a Box Spring.
I have a hard time wrapping my head around Leida’s family (who clearly adore her son) allowing him to sleep on an air mattress.

Exhibit B- The Inflatable Couch
Girl, please. I haven’t sat on an inflatable couch since college, and that was just because it was cleaner than the ‘crabs couch’ in my dorm. This is not normal, or believable behavior.

AIR COUCH from 90DayFiance

Exhibit C- Leida’s First Trip Down the Aisle
If Leida was fine with her family spending an equivalent to $300,000 on her first wedding, why won’t she have them help pay for this one?

Here is some insight on living conditions in Indonesia, in case you were wondering…

Let’s talk about Leida (and the standard of living in Indonesia) from 90DayFiance

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks something smells fishy with Leida’s backstory…

It also seems that I’m not alone in the fact that Leida’s lies are actually angering me, maybe I should switch to chamomile tea.

Here are a couple of possible scenarios of how Leida and Eric’s wedding may turn out:


What do you think is in store for Leida? A wonderful whimsical wedding or a Motel 6 marriage? Break it down for me in the comments below. 


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