90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Falling Apart

Are we still rooting for Jenny & Sumit? I'm so confused.

October 1, 2019 6:50am

Last night’s 90 Day Fiance The Other Way was nothing short of a finale. Except it wasn’t the finale. WHEN IS THE FINALE? I’m really gonna need TLC to share their schedule with us a little more clearly so I can gear up for the wreck of a Tell All accordingly. Until then, let’s hop on the floating garbage barge of despair for one more week…

liam laura hug 90dftow

It’s day three of Laura and Aladin’s extreme costumes on couches, and Laura is fixin’ to grab Liam by the ear and drag his butt there. Before she can carry out her plan, she and Liam calmly talk about what happened at the bath houses – where Liam formerly faced off with his would-be stepdaddy about his mom having another baby. 

Laura promises Liam that she won’t abandon him if she starts as a new family, which Liam seems to accept. He finally apologizes for being so “toxic” during their wedding, and promises to show up for day three. “It’s time for me to grow up,” admits Liam. Yep. Now…what about Laura? (Again: I must refer you to her social media meltdown. #ItAintGood)

laura liam aladin wedding 90dftow

For the final ceremony, Laura wears an bedazzled white wedding number and Liam sports his jaunty cowboy hat. “It’s…interesting,” says Aladin, all decked out in his tux. As Laura drools over her the man who gives her mediocre jiggy-jiggy, she keeps squealing, “I’m a princess!” even though she’s dressed up like Liberace. 

laura liam aladin couch 90dftow

They trade rings, sit on a loveseat, then admire Liam’s fancy new “tooth of the camel” necklace that some dude apparently set on fire to prove its authenticity. Don’t ask. It’s better that we don’t understand what the actual eff is going on here. As Aladin says, “I don’t know. It’s weird.” STRONG AGREE. <fist bump>

laura crying 90dftow

At least Liam apologizes to Aladin for acting like a spoiled twat during this trip. Aladin forgives him and the three new “family” members share a good cry on the pleather couch. “I know our love story doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but we really love each other,” says Laura. “I feel like I hit the jackpot on this one.” Then she bawls her head off. 

Jenny & Sumit

Well. Here we are in India again gawking at the clusterf**k Sumit has created, yet weirdly rooting for this couple’s true love story all the same (just me? am I delusional?!? SUMIT AND JENNY – I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU!!!). 

sumit smoking 90dftow

Things are have gotten so bad, our boy is now fully chain smoking on camera. YEEHAW! Finally allowed to come see Jenny after a week of parent-jail, Sumit tries to explain his reasoning. He didn’t want to upset Jenny, he didn’t want to lose her, he thought bringing her over to India would force his family to believe that his marriage was over and they would let him out of it. This is not sound logic. 

sumit wrong 90dftow

Jenny knows Sumit still loves her, but is incredulous that he lied. Why didn’t he tell her he was married TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO? She left everything behind – job, family, apartment, furniture, friends, hot water – all for the promise of a new life with Sumit. Meanwhile, Sumit was apparently “trying to make it work” with his wife for the first year, which is even more devastating for Jenny to hear. 

jenny sumit couch 90dftow

“I’m going back to America and you’re left here in this mess. Should we just end this or what?” asks Jenny, who should have packed her sh*t up and left, like, 6 days ago. Sumit begs for her to wait for him while he tries to get out of his marriage. Jenny, pondering the extreme loss of having someone to pour buckets of tepid water on her head and clip her toenails, says she’ll make her decision once she’s back home. 

Paul & Karine 

Over in the Amazon, Mother Paul is still in a full fire-hose sweat. Poor thing! Again, we demand you turn over your cooling vest, Paul. It’s time. Karine has been getting along well with Mary, but she hopes for some honest advice on the Man-Boy that this woman raised. “I wish I had advice to give you,” nervously laughs Mary, who knows her son is a HOT A$$ MESS that hides out in dog houses and chants “CALM. CALM. CALM!” like a friggin murderer on occasion. 

mary sweat 90dftow

At a cafe later, Mary questions Paul about how he and Karine are really doing. “Babies can pick up on instincts,” she says. “They can feel your feelings.” Basically, Mary wants Paul to get his sh*t together so she can finally retire, stop worrying about his ridiculousness, and know that her grandson is being raised properly. (But, ermmm…does Mother Paul not remember that it’s Paul she’s dealing with here?)

paul cafe 90dftow

Paul whines that it’s not easy! He doesn’t know the language! He can’t work! Mother Paul is all, LIFE IS NOT EASY YOU DIPSH*T! “It’s time,” she admonishes. “It’s PAST time.” Then Mother Paul melts right into a puddle of goo before our very eyes while Paul looks on with his dead eyed stare. 

Okay, fine! She actually leaves on a jet plane (that we pray has working AC) after bidding adieu to Karine and Baby Pierre. She also reminds Paul that he needs to grow the eff up and fix things with Karine if he wants to keep his family together. “Your hair smells good,” hisses Paul as he kisses mom goodbye, sending FULL BODY CHILLS through me as I type this. <hold me>

karine hate 90dftow

Back inside, Paul asks Karine (while she’s breastfeeding! omg) if she still wants a divorce. “Ahhhh…no?” she mumbles, finally telling Paul to “shut up” via translator when he ribs her about not talking to other dudes anymore. She sees the hate in his eyes, files it away in the back of her mind, and hopes she’s not murdered in her sleep.

Lord almighty. There isn’t a hairball large enough to plug up the gaping hole in this relationship. But let’s hope they can at least take care of their precious baby. 

Tiffany & Ronald 

Over in South Africa, Ronald is still walking around calling himself “RONALD” which is already suspect enough. And Tiffany is still waking up every day and wondering how her string of terrible decisions led to this nightmare? 

ronald park 90dftow

Here she is, pregnant, sharing a life with an ex-addict who lives in a high crime area and has very few job prospects on the horizon. Daniel isn’t liking life in South Africa either, and Tiffany isn’t thrilled about the prospect of giving birth on a freaking tile floor. So…what will they do?

toffany daniel bench 90dftow

At the playground, Daniel runs around trying to avoid discarded syringes and broken bottles. “This park is really depressing,” says Tiffany. Daniel wisely points out how this place feels dangerous because it IS dangerous. Plus, he misses his family and friends. 

tiffany park 90dftow

Later, Tiffany takes Ronald to the lookout spot where he originally proposed. She wants to go home and tell him so. YAY! Ronald’s all, “Oh Snap,” until he realizes the full impact of her words. “It’s sad,” he finally admits. “Here’s my heart. Cut it up,” he tells cameras.  

ronald oh snap 90dftow

Tiffany promises that she’ll apply for Ronald’s visa once she’s back in the U.S., but damn, it’s a long shot. Oh well. Ronald is just gonna have to hang tight and and case out some new fridges to steal if things don’t work out. 

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