90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Breaking Point

Will Corey actually leave Evelin? Will Karine divorce Paul?

August 20, 2019 7:00am

Holy mother of perpetual kevlar vests. Basically everyone on 90 Day Fiance The Other Way needs to break up at this point. Except for Jihoon and Deavan, because we need them in our lives forever! Also, we need to see her cook breakfast again. #RawBacon #DiaperEggs #NeverForget

deavan jihoon 90df tow

After two weeks in Utah, it’s time for Jihoon to head home, which he does in a very tearful and sweet goodbye at the airport. Before Jihoon departs, he drops a bomb on Deavan: He quit his job and has no other work/income lined up. GOOD PLAN. 

“Um, whaaaaaat?” asks Deavan, to which Jihoon just keeps answering, “It will be ok. No worry!” Except, YES worry. Because dude – you have a newborn, wife, and stepdaughter to support once they move to South Korea in less than a damn month. Get to fixin’ those used cell phones, bro. 

Laura & Aladin 

Over in Qatar, the underwhelming jiggy-jiggy is just not cutting it. Laura is homesick and misses her son, Liam, and her dogs incredibly. Liam swore he wouldn’t come to his mother’s 3-day wedding in Qatar, and it seems like he’s sticking to it. (But I hope he shows up!) 

As she cries in the car, Aladin sorta-kinda tries to comfort her, but he’s really of no use. His idea of supporting his woman is not marrying 3 other wives, FULL STOP.  

At the beach, Laura asks Aladin for more compassion, which he robotically agrees to provide. Then he hoists her up from the sand, rips off his shirt, and runs into the ocean to swim solo. This, my friends, is what Laura signed up for. Hope she likes the view from shore!

Jenny & Sumit 

Sumit sneaks home after two weeks of hiding out with his parents, promising Jenny they will do a “ring ceremony” to make things unofficially official.

Much like Jesse and Darcey atop that sorry a$$ windmill, the notion of a freaking appreciation ring is somehow enough to string Jenny along a few more months. Well, specifically two months – because her visa will be up by then if Sumit doesn’t grow a pair and just marry her already. My GOD. 

Back at the apartment after grocery shopping, Jenny is sneezing her face off while attempting to cook Sumit’s favorite paneer dish. YUM. Mid-sneeze, Jenny’s daughter and her wife show up unexpectedly at the door. SURPRISE! 

Sumit is thrilled it’s not his family bearing torches and/or supplies for a public stoning. And Jenny is totally over the moon happy to see them. She cries, laughs, sneezes some more – it’s a moment, y’all. Very sweet. 

I’m looking forward to next week, however, when we see Daughter Jenny and her wife start their official investigation into the curious case of a grown ass men lying to his parents. I’m still a hardcore Sumit fan, but I’m telling you: Something smells fishy around here, and it’s not just Jenny’s cooking.  

Paul & Karine 

After their fight and Paul’s serial killer moment in the doghouse/chicken coop/public sh*tter, Karine is at her breaking point. She heads home the next day to tell her mom that Paul is nuts and she wants to divorce him. She can’t take his insane antics anymore, and he’s not even supporting her financially – so what’s the point? She wants to leave him, period. 

Mother Karine 100% approves of this plan, preferably if the plan includes deporting Paul like…right now. Yeah, right this very minute would be great. Mmmkay? Thanks! Karine and her mom don’t want to see this new baby grow up thinking that acting like Paul is normal, let alone preferable, human behavior.

Mom cries, assuring Karine that she’ll never be alone. They will all help raise that baby together – sans hairballs and doghouse meltdowns. (Sigh. If only Karine could follow through…)

Corey & Evelin 

In Ecuador, Corey goes hiking with his only friend, Raul, who confesses he had a fling with Evelin before Corey came on the scene. Thus, Corey’s grown man playdate, which he was *very* excited to tell us about, is ruined. <single tear>

Raul also offers the following helpful information: Everyone in town laughs at Corey behind his back because Evelin has cheated on him, probably still cheats on him, takes all of his money, and openly mocks him for being a World Class Sucka. 

Corey’s like, “Huh? Whyyyyyyyy?” Apparently, the townsfolk also call Corey “El Cachudo “ on the regular, which loosely translates to: Forest Dwelling American Who Performs Nefarious Card Tricks And Gets Cheated On By His Evil Girlfriend. Apparently, horns are also involved. Don’t ask. It’s bad. Real bad. 

Bottom line: Corey is the walking joke of the town and Raul, who ALSO slept with Evelin, is the the only poor dude willing to tell him. Much like lovestruck dolts the world over, Corey needs to be hit with this rather brutal sledgehammer of information before he wakes up and – let’s face it – even this sh*t probably won’t make him call it quits. 

Back at the apartment, Corey tries valiantly to call Evelin out on her bullsh*t, including the fact that she doesn’t wear her promise ring – or even know where it is! “Are you in this or NOT?” he asks. “I guess I’m not!” she barks back, rolling her eyes, then crying because Corey has, we can assume, broken their pact not to speak of her horrid past behavior on camera. 

evelin low 90df tow

“You have no limits. This is so low,” she cries after Corey asks whether she slept with her ex right here on their bed in the apartment HE pays for. “Get the f**k out!” she screams, feeling sorry for herself – and for the possible disappearance of her meal ticket. 

So Corey leaves. Here’s hoping he gets that jalopy outside started up and can fill it with enough gas to get to the airport. He needs to get the eff out of this garbage relationship! Then again, he did suffer through all of those horrifying big-boy vaccinations to make it this far. Something tells me he’s ready and willing to suffer even more. 

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