90 Day Fiance: The Hate Is Real

Tasha makes it clear that her disdain for Leida is not staged.

January 6, 2019 8:50am

It’s no secret to 90 Day Fiance fans that the tension between Tasha Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha is tangible. I’ll never recover from watching Leida kick a teenager out of her home, without another place to go!

Calling Leida a monster is offensive to monsters, if you ask me.

In an interesting turn of events, fans are saying that the drama has been manufactured and the stepmother/stepdaughter relationship isn’t truly hostile, as it appears on the hit TLC reality show.

The confusion came after Leida posted on Instagram promoting a teeth whitening business. Yes, I’m not-so-silently judging the company that chose Leida as a spokesperson!

Well, I’m not the only judgy 90 Day Fiance fan who saw this and couldn’t keep my opinion to myself. Leida’s post blew up…and not in a good way! Who came to the Indonesian Villain’s defense? Tasha!

Fans were stunned to see Tasha defending her dad’s new wife who has treated her so inhumanly.

This, as well as other social media posts, led people to believe the whole rivalry was for ratings.

Tasha was quick to defend her treatement of her stepmonster stepmom:

Ladies and gentlemen, here are some words from 19 year old Tasha. How this young lady turned out so level headed and emotionally mature is truly a testament to her mother, Tania Rosenbrook, for raising her right. Her father, on the other hand…


At the end of the day, I’m concerned. Not only for Tasha, but also for her mother and two sisters. Leida is not a mentally stable person. My terror for this family doesn’t stop with Leida. Honestly, I’m pretty freaked out after seeing Eric write in tongues on social media.  This. Is. Not. Ok.

Thank goodness us 90 Day Fiance fans have the ‘Tell All’ special tonight, maybe there will be some resolution with this storyline. Emotionally, I’m not sure how much more I can handle.

This situation is horrible for anyone to be forced to endure, especially a teenager. Please leave young Tasha some sound advice in the comment section below!

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