90 Day Fiance: Is Steven Colluding With Embassy Against Russian Bride to Be?

He wants to bring his baby to America, possibly without Olga.

December 14, 2018 9:03pm

Somebody has to intervene already. I don’t know how much more new mother Olga Koshimbetova can be put through.

As if Steven Frend‘s day-to-day attitude towards Olga wasn’t bad enough, he stooped to an all-time low. His typical lack of patience and aggression was nothing compared to the passive-aggressive nature of the bomb he dropped on Olga.

The good news first. The Olga and Steven’s baby is becoming a US Citizen.

Both parents agree the baby will have more opportunities as an American, so this is a positive. The flip side is if Olga hasn’t gotten her K-1 Visa by the time Steven heads home to the States, he plans on bringing their baby to America with him. Without her.

Yes. You read that correctly. A father wants to take his newborn baby away from his mother breastfeeding mother. Thank goodness for Twitter. I quickly learned I’m not the only one appalled…

Steven is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He didn’t realize that “SS number” on a citizenship application meant Social Security number, but that’s no excuse not to have common human decency.

It’s obvious to everyone, except Steven, that he only cares about himself and the baby. He is showing no respect or kindness to his child’s mother, and that is not only cruel but detrimental to the baby. Steven wants Olga to bend over backward for him and cater to his every desire, immediately after an emergency C-section and through all of the hormonal changes that mothers go through. Steven is a child with a child.

Let’s let the lawyers handle the legalities of this situation. I’m asking from a place of human compassion. Should a father take his newborn baby away from his mother, even if it is to provide a better life for the child? Please leave your opinion below.


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