90 Day Fiancé: Meet the Season 7 Couples

90 day fiance season 7 preview

The 90 Day Fiancé season 7 premiere is less than 3 weeks away! Meet the seven dramatic new couples who will get married thanks to the K-1 visa process. Oh, what people will do for love.

You’ve got to see the new couples to believe it!

In the trailer, we meet Emily from Oregon and Sasha from Russia. Emily moved to Russia after college to teach English. She ended up getting pregnant with her trainer – who already has two kids from two different women. Sasha plans to move to America with Emily to start a family together.


Next is San Francisco’s Blake and Finland’s Jazmin who met online. When they met face-to-face in Finland, the romance blossomed. According to E Online, “Blake was prepared to propose during his second trip, but his friends and family are wary, especially after learning Jasmin’s sister won the green card lottery and is already in Los Angeles.”


There’s also Tania from Connecticut and Syngin from South Africa. This one is going to hit close for a lot of ladies… Tania was going to South Africa to meet a man from a dating app. That didn’t work out, then she met a bartender, Syngin. Tania went home with Syngin that night and ended up staying with him for months. As you saw in the preview, courtesy of E Online, the couple is not on the same page regarding their future. Plus they are living in a shed, so there’s that.

Robert, a Florida resident and Anny from Dominican Republic are another couple that met on social media and talked every day for six months. They finally met when Robert took a cruise with a stop in the Dominican Republic. Within hours of first meeting, they couple was engaged.