90 Day Fiance: Eric Rosenbrook Says Leida Margaretha Is Suicidal

The father of three made a statement on Instagram live.

January 8, 2019 7:44pm

I usually approach these articles with a light, silly attitude, but this one is different. Suicide is nothing to laugh about. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental wellness, help them. Do not let them become a statistic. Every life matters.

Now to 90 Day Fiance…

Eric Rosenbrook went live on Instagram reading a text conversation from his cell phone. As he paraphrased the conversation, we learned that Leida Margaretha and Eric had a huge fight resulting in Leida telling the father of three daughters to shoot her in the head. Then, she said Eric was going to boat her back to Indonesia, per the instagram video below.

Indonesian beauty queen got graphic with her husband as she laid out some worst-case-scenarios for how her life could end . I feel bad for her son, Alessandro, who will eventually see this video.


As I said earlier, mental health is a serious problem, that should not be made light of. With that said, this seems fake to me. I hate to not value a woman’s truth, but I wouldn’t put anything past Leida.

Do you think Eric’s message in regards to Leida’s mental health was honest or  is was it  for extra screen time? Please let me know your opinion in the comment section!


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