6 Swanky Places to Spoil and Pamper Your Pet

Like Giggy Vanderpump to Tinkerbell Hilton, your furry friend can get the good life too!

April 23, 2015 4:26pm

1. D Pet Hotels – 5 star luxury accommodations and amenities for your most precious companions.

.The DOG Store

2. The DOG Store – a high-end spot on New York’s Upper East Side renowned for its grooming, spa treatments and even doggy yoga

Pussy & Pooch

3. Pussy & Pooch – check out their Pawbar, the dog/cat restaurant that’s purrrfect for parties. There’s also takeout for pups trying to avoid the paps!

Dalah Pet Psychic

4. Dalah Pet Psychic – give your pet the reading of lifetime!

Doggy Style

5. Doggy Style Pet Shop – with their curbside pick-up, you’ll love it Doggy Style!

Paws Beach Party

6. Paws Beach Party – fur, fun, and sun! It’s the only appropriate time to show off your pooch at the beach!


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