437 - Love After Lockup “EX-tra Stress (s4, ep6)

April 11, 2022 3:25pm

This week, Erin and MP arereunited and it feels so good!We chat about Chazzzzz and Branwin and her baby voice that comes and goes.We also wonder – why is every woman in Harry’s life always wearing a turtleneck?We feel that it’s not gonna turn out well for Rick, Kay and RayDean and her mouth situation.As for Lacey and Antoine… we agree with Antoine/Rambo that cold chicken teriyaki doesn’t sound appealing and we agree with Lacey that his mom is probably a bad influence.Also, recreational pot is VERY LEGAL in Washington State!We end with Kevin and Tiffany (Kurtis is gone baby gone).Tiffany thinks Kevin is cute, they get frisky, and we all wait for Kaylah to appear and murder both of them!

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