434 - Love After Lockup (Season 4, Ep 5) “Get Right Or Get Left” with Erin & Keisha from The Libra Lounge!

April 4, 2022 5:05am

Erinis joined by the hilariousKeishafromThe Libra Lounge With Keishapodcast to recap the glorious garbage heap ofLALU. Tiffany (and, ahem, Keisha) have a newfound love for Kevin, who can knock a guy out cold without even dropping his cig. We don’t like Martel’s attitude about Kayla’s housekeeping, though, nor do we have even ONE nice thing to say about Earl-Chance-Pitt. Because for real, you guys: He. Is. Scary. Not the fun kind of scary either. #SaveTheShrimps Also, please save Antione from that cursive “Real One” neck tattoo and his tragic Boy Band-meets-Amish Farmer hairdo. Last of all, Praise Be to theLALUcasting directors for bringing Chazz to us, who wears business casual to his death metal band practices and dates a woman who steals identities for a living. Chazz – AKA Charlie – is about to get Tinder Swindler’d and Bad Vegan’d all at once. Branwin, ma’am, we can’t wait to see you in action.

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