428 - Love After Lockup (S4E3) recap with Keisha!

March 21, 2022 1:45pm

Erin is in Belize searching for Ryan and Harris so MP is talking Love After Lockup with Keisha.This episode “Don’t Track Me” (S4,E3) was a doozy!We got to really see RayDean’s teeth as well as how much her family just LOVES her girlfriend, Kay!(Poor dumb Rick).We agree that this Chance/Tayler situation feels a little icky.We are confused as to why Kevin is the hottest man in Arlington, TX.We are Team Kurtis, even though we just met him.We hope Harry just goes ahead and breaks up with Indie before making the situation worse with his spiritual wife.We have A LOT of questions about Martel receiving money in prison from females and his friends on the streets.And, the scene with Antoine’s mom, Kristi, was just sad.

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