419 - Love During Lockup “The Boy Is Mine” with Erin & Mattie from Reality Gays!

February 28, 2022 12:42pm

Matt Marr from the Reality Gays podcast joins Erin to recap the season finale of Love During Lockup! We bond over our shared loathing of Gabby and Max, both of whom we hope to never see again. Matt thinks black-and-white-cookie Haley will keep getting conned by Dalton (who will definitely appear on a Dateline episode in 3-5 years). We wonder just how much sewage is floating in the water below Haley & Emily’s gondola boat, and we ponder how much hand sanitizer Harry is drinking in the halfway house when Indie calls him to talk about his “cheaterization.” Also – why is everyone getting CRUNK up in this Ohio halfway house? This would never happen on the mean streets of Dubuque! Tai flashes her bosoms at an entire men’s penitentiary. But she still doesn’t have a Hottie Hoodie. She does, however, have a murder wall with 75 new inmates to keep track of. Santiba’s bangs are looking better as she fights with TALL-Z from an empty pier. And lastly, Dalton woos Haley with a sketch and a poetic promise to “lick them crusties.” #romantical

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