408 - Before the 90 Days “Calm Before the Storm” with Keisha!

February 1, 2022 2:32pm

Mary Payne chats with Keisha of the podcast The Libra Lounge with Keisha about this week’s Before The 90 Days episode “Calm Before the Storm” (s3, ep 8). One assumes this is referring to Gino and Jasmine because JUST when she says she trusts him and thinks he’s so amazing (Bruce Willis, no less!) – she finds out he sent nude photos of her to his ex.Now come on, Gino, why would you do that?The title could also refer to Kimberly and Usman because she’s calm and then she’s stormy?Either way, constantly begging for sex is not a good look on any man or woman.Ben is a dumb sad sack who is never going to meet his 24 year old girlfriend Mahogany so he needs to head on back to Michigan!We have low hopes for Mike and Ximena.She doesn’t seem to like him very much.We think the scene with Mike and her sons was super sweet and we hope they don’t get their heartbroken when their mom leaves their new dad.Caleb wears Lularoe leggings and they go to a Turkish bath.Ella decides to spend her money to meet Johnny in Dubai… and this meeting is NEVER going to happen.

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