405 - Before the 90 Days (Never Have I Ever) with Katie of A Date with Dateline

January 25, 2022 12:11pm

Please follow us @pinkshadepod on Instagram! Erin is out of town dealing with a family issue, so MP is joined by Katie of A Date with Dateline to talk about Before the 90 Days.Wowza, we feel sorry for Mike but agree with Ximena on this whole “farting and burping” thing.As for Alina and Caleb, we are sorry to see Elijah go and think Caleb will never commit to her.We think Jasmine is batsh!t crazy and does not understand the term “double standard.”Usman is never going to bang Kimbaaaly, and she needs to find a local musician to obsess over.And, Memphis is right, Hamza is immature, but she’s a bit controlling and nuts if she thinks he’s going to be an amazing husband and father to her 2 kids.We think Johnny is coming up with excuses and is never gonna make it to the Ranch!

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