390 - Life After Lockup with Kimberly of A Date with Dateline

December 13, 2021 8:24pm

Erin is on break so Mary Payne is chatting with Kimberly from A Date With Dateline about the “almost finale” episode of LALU!This episode is lazily titled Bitter Baby Mamas and BaeCations.Really, WeTV?Who is writing these titles?We are really hoping Amber and Puppy aren’t near a mountain edge or it’s gonna be a full Thelma and Louise situation!We have real fear that Ray is gonna bust out a promise ring and get thrown off the lame rooftop deck party in Miami.We can’t believe Shawn is about to be a father to 7, possibly 8 (if he adopts Abby).We don’t think Kristianna is really gone and we don’t understand why John put everything in garbage bags.Over-react much?We aren’t quite sure what happened at Lacey and ShJane’s house, but we can’t wait to find out.Also, we applaud the cinematography at the end of their scenes as they both wistfully looked towards the beach.Next week is the finale and we can’t wait!


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