364 - 90 Day Fiance TOW Recap: Proceed With Caution

October 5, 2021 3:54pm

It’s the glorious return of Erin to the podcast! This time for a recap of 90 Day Fiance The Other Way (Proceed With Caution) with Mary Payne, Erin’s real life #SisterWifeForLife. There’s lots to catch up on this season, but Erin’s main questions are: Why does Jenny still believe Sumit will marry her? And how did her hair get even DIRTIER this season? Who is this Victor character, really? Can Ari please just be left on this Yoni Steamer forever so we never have to deal with her again? Also: Erin officially pronounces Steven-with-a-V the evil second coming of Paul (Pole). She tries to get Mary Payne on the hate train against him too because Bunkies – he is truly THE WORST.

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