349 - LIFE AFTER LOCKUP PREMIERE with Kimberly of A Date with Dateline

September 3, 2021 9:34am

Erin is taking a break so Mary Payne is chatting with our LALU correspondent, Kimberly from A Date With Dateline! Kimberly and MP rejoice in the return of LIFE After Lockup although our DVRs are confused. MP has to explain the joy of Destinie and Shawn (and his mouth breathing) and also the love triangle of Shjane and Lacey and Shjohn. As you can imagine, MP is beyond thrilled about Shjane taking control of his mouth hole and getting braces! Go Shjane Go! We try to figure out Lisa’s rapid weight loss and Kimberly continues to be fascinated by her extensions. And, we have some real specific questions about Stan’s tattoo placement. As always, we love Brittany and Marcelino and want to know why they don’t mention their brand new house! (Also, please fence the pool area). We root for Ray and Britney and wonder why he never mentioned this $143k debt hanging over his head. We look forward to next week where we see Bonnie and Clyde and Puppy and Amber!



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