343 - 90 Day HEA with Kim from 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray

August 10, 2021 9:26am

Erin is taking a break so Mary Payne is chatting with Kim of 90 Day Fiance Cray Cray about this week’s amazing episode of 90 Day Fiance HEA. Kim and MP break down the pathetic visit that Angela and Skyla (and Skyla’s egg) made to the fertility doctor. We can’t get over Ronald and Tiffany and their toxic relationship that continues to this day. We are wondering what happened to Pulya, Natalie’s rat – and also is Juliana is just a close talker? We love Yara and wonder if Jovi will ever figure out why he’s such a selfish person? Will Kalani ever be a REAL Samoan girl? And finally, we get what we have been waiting for – Andrei rages out and punches Charlie’s stupid face! Both MP and Kim loved every minute of this beatdown, but it left us with more questions about what EXACTLY is going on with Charlie (and Meg)? #TeamAndrei


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