342 - LALU with Kimberly of A Date with Dateline

August 10, 2021 9:25am

Erin is on break so Mary Payne is chatting with some truly amazing co-hosts, like today’s guest Kimberly from A Date With Dateline! Kimberly caught up with LALU just for this recording and now she feels her life is changed forever… you’re welcome Kimberly! We try to answer the burning question, “What does Stan want Lisa to do to him in that straight jacket?” and come up with multiple answers, none of them good. We go deep into Stan and Lisa’s hair systems, as well as Courtney’s “Ramen noodle” hairdo. MP continues to have high hopes for Ray and Britney and we both love Grandma Sue. Kimberly has some questions about Nicolle, Jr. and how it exactly works (MP has no real answer) – and concludes that Nicolle Sr.’s mom knows her kid is a sociopath. We love that Jeff is committed to getting some new teeth, even BEFORE he gets his Gucci pants. And we just really want Dougie Jr. (or is he the third?) to live happily ever after with his new mom, Rachel.


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