10th episode

Putting me in the hot seat for my 10th podcast episode

May 6, 2021 12:01am

Hey guys! Welcome to the 10th Episode Special of my podcast!!!!

I can’t believe its been 10 episodes already!! I remember when I first started this podcast 2 months ago I was so overwhelmed by the amount of work it was and it I was going to be able to deliver a good show every week, or if people would even listen. There was times I thought about quitting the podcast or even slowing down to once a month. I am glad I didn’t, because I am on a roll now and loving it more than ever.

On todays episode, I am joined by two of good friends, Kelly Gilmore and Diana Gebbia. The theme of this 10th episode special is “work hard, play hard”. Which is the reason I started this podcast to begin with and the reason why I invited these two fellow hustlers on today’s episode. We talk about how to hustle in your passions and make your dreams a reality. And we also go through some of the hottest reality stars from all of our favorite shows. We play games, spill tea, and I even get put in the hot seat at the end of the episode as Diana and Kelly surprise me with some juicy questions! It is a must listen!

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